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The Institute of Engineering of Chemical Processes (I.I.P.Q.), create to ends of 2003,  with a marked vocation of service, goes headed to the resolution of challenges such as the improvement of technical efficiency and economic of industrial processes, guaranteeing an environmentally responsible and sustainable development.

Our different research groups work in different lines such as :

  • The characterization and recovery of different residues such as food industry waste, biomass remains, plastic waste to waste electrical or electronic equipment, solvents, dyes or even diapers.
  • Odor elimination and study of air pollution, from determination of solid particles to the determination of dioxins.
  • Water treatment and marine pollution.
  • Cultivation of microalgae as an alternative for CO2 capture and obtaining products of interest.
  • Development of new, more efficient heterogeneous catalysts that allow reducing the waste generated.
  • Development and processing of new materials both polymeric and nanocomposites or based on graphene.
  • Optimization of industrial processes bassed in energy integration
  • Environmental impact analysis (life cycle analysis).
  • Determination and modeling of the balance between phases with industrial interest

The IIPQ currently has 43 research projects funded by public entities and 51 research contracts with private companies. The quality of the research results obtained can be visualized in the more than 150 research articles published in the last 3 years, in scientific journals of recognized international prestige, as well as in the 4 licensed patents or the 21 doctoral theses defended at this time .

Therefore, we encourage different companies to contact us in order to collaborate both in innovation processes, as well as in the analysis of existing problems, energy efficiency improvement, environmental analysis, waste minimization and their valorization of valuable products (upstream recycling), etc., with the new challenge of a sustainable development. On our website you can find more detail about our lines and research groups, as well as examples of different technological offers.

University Institute of Chemical Process Engineering

Universidad de Alicante
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Alicante (Spain)

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