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Research Lines



· Analysis of contaminantes (with analysis of Dioxins)

· Pirólisis, gasification and incineration

· Management mediambiental in waters

· Interferometría Holográfica

· Environmental Management in industrial waste

· Synthesis and Optimisation of chemical processes

· Rectification and extraction multicomponente

· Coals actuated

· Balance between solid phases-liquid-liquid-gas

· Processed and Pirólisis of Polymers

· Technology of foods

· Distribution of time of residence in electrochemical reactors

· It transport reagent in porous means


Analysis of Contaminantes (with analysis of Dioxins)

For an information detailed consult the Web of the group of analysis of contaminantes.


Pirólisis, gasification and incineration

Kinetical studies of pirólisis and combustion of materials very varied (cellulose, lignin, urban agricultural waste and industrial, plastic) in termobalanza, reactors of fixed mulch, fluidizado and of operation in continuous. Analysis of gases by GC and MS. Analysis of volatile condensables by means of technicians combined.

For more information contact with: Dr. Rafael Font, Dr. Juan To. Conesa, Dr. Antonio Marcilla, Dr. Mª Isabel Beltrán


Environmental management in waters

Pollution of continental waters, marine and marine intrusion. New technologies for the treatment of residual waters. Potabilización Of salty waters and water of mar. Modelling and environmental simulation.

For more information contact with: Dr. Daniel Prats, Dr. Nuria Boluda Bottle, Dr. Varo Galvañ, Adoración Carratalá, María Dolores Saquete


Interferometría Holográfica

Application of this optical technician to the study of processes of transfer of matter: Study of the diffusion in liquid systems and in geles. Study of the process of adsorption of macromolecular substances on the membrane in processes of ultrafiltración. Study of the layer of polarisation during processes of separation with membranes: ultrafiltración, ósmosis reverse. Determination of the profiles of concentration. Modelling of the process.

For more information contact with: Dr. Francisco Ruiz Beviá, Dr. Julio Fernández Sempere


Environmental management of industrial waste

Characterisation of the toxicidad of industrial waste. Toxicidad Of the components in lixiviados.

For more information contact with: Dr. Rafael Font


Synthesis and Optimisation of chemical processes

The aim of the synthesis of processes is to develop systematic methods of optimisation to select configurations of processes and conditions of operation, so much to level of subsystems and of complete processes. An important aim is to develop superstructures and models to different levels of abstraction (from added until rigorous), and develop effective and reliable technicians of resolution for these problems (MINLP MILP Programs disyuntivos). Areas of application include: synthesis of networks of exchange of heat, plant of treatment of residual waters, systems of distillation and diagrams of processes.

For more information consult the page of the group of Optimum Synthesis of Chemical Processes or contact with: Dr. José Antonio Caballero, Dr. Juan Reyes Labarta


Rectification and extraction of mixes multicomponente

Design by computer of columns of rectification and extraction multicomponente, so much rigorous and approximate by means of different methods of interpolation and/or correlations of data of experimental balance. Study of the curves of distillation and his borders in systems azeotrópicos. New methods for the representation and the calculation (rigorous and approximate) of the liquid balance-steam, liquid-liquid, liquid-liquid-steam and liquid-liquid-solid.

For more information contact with: Dr. Juan Reyes Labarta, Dr. Antonio Marcilla Gomis, Dr. Amparo Gómez Siurana


Coals Actuated

Production of coals actuated adsorbentes to scale laboratory (tubular, fixed mulch, mulch fluidizado) and pilot plant (mulch fluidizado in continuous) from mineral coals, material lignocelulósicos of agricultural origin and fibres of carbon. Activación By means of gasification with steam of water, carbon dioxide, oxygen (by means of dissolution of H2Or2 to pressure), and by activación chemical of KOH. Environmental applications by means of the utilisation of the same..

For more information contact with: Dr. Ignacio Martín Gullón, Dr. Juan To. Conesa Ferrer, Dr. Antonio Marcilla Gomis or visit the page of the Spanish group of the coal (G.And.C.)


Balance between solid phases-liquid-liquid-steam

Determination of data of balance líuqido-liquid, liquid-steam, liquid-liquid-steam and liquid-liquid-solid. Development of methodology for the study of the balances between phases. Space representation of the balances. Thermodynamics of the balance between phases. Development of models. Analysis of stability. Consistency of parameters. Kinetical of coalescence.

For more information contact co: Dr. Francisco Ruiz Beviá, Dr. Antonio Marcilla Gomis, Dr. Vicente Gomis Yagües, Dr. Mª Mar Olaya, Dr. Nuria Boluda Botella,  Maria Dolores Saquete,


Processed of Polymers

Rotomoldeo Of plastisoles of PVC. Rotomoldeo Of PE. Materials microcelulares, foamed of EVA, foamed of PVC. Analysis and characterisation of polymers: Injection, Extrusion, Behaviour reológico of polymers. Optimisation and development of processes. Optimisation and development of products. Recycled of plastics. Development of trazadores for rubbers.

For more information consult the Web of the Group of Polymers or contact with:

Dr. Antonio Marcilla, Dr. Mª Isabel Beltrán, Dr. Juan Carlos García, Dr. Mª Mar Olaya, Dr. Juan Reyes


Technology of Foods

Design and Development of processes of manufacture in continuous of turrón of Jijona. Deseño And Development of continuous processes of cocción of candy and tostación of the almond. Deseño And development of tunnels of dried. Automation of the process of manufacture. Study of the process of cooling, dosage and packaging. Study reológico of the process of investment of phases in the manufacture of the turrón of Jijona. Design of systems of control of process. Design of honos of dried and toasted of sesame. Design of systems of peeled of sesame and almond.

For more information: Dr. Antonio Marcilla Gomis, Manuel Asensio, Dr. Juan Carlos García, Dr. José Antonio Cavalier


Distribution of time of residence in electrochemical reactors

Study of the RTD of electrochemical reactors in which incorporate distinct types of devices apra improve the electrical contact. Modelling of the hydrodynamic of the reactor. Studies of transferecnia of matter. Falls of pressure and economic optimisation. This line of investigation realise together with the division of Electrochemical Applied of the Department of Chemistry-Physics of the University of Alicante.

For more information: Dr. Juan A. Conesa


It transport reagent in porous means

Study of processes of transport and/or reaction of substances in liquid phase that cross a column fills up of a natural means (soil, sand,…) or synthetic (resin, adsorbente,…) with ends very diverse: environmental studies of processes of pollution/decontamination of soils, technical of ionic exchange applied to industrial processes or to treatment of liquid effluents contaminated, processes of adsorption, precipitation/dissolution,… in porous means,...

The previous studies realise in columns of stainless steel, glass, teflón,…of dimensions very different, that allow the adjust termostático of the same. They use bombs of HPLC, with exact control of discharges for systems so much of drop and of high pressure. It has of detector on line and system of acquisition of data of pressure and conductivity, with register in PC. The frequency of it takes of samples realise with manifold of fractions with possibility of termostatizar the sample obtained.

The characterisation of the columns realise with substances trazadoras. From the curves of split obtained, determine the parameters of transport (porosidad, dispersion,…) using a software developed for such end.

It has realised determinations so much of inorganic substances (cations and majority anions in water of sea) and organic (Linear Alquilbenceno Sulfonato) in essays realised so much in pulse and in stair.

The works of investigation developed until the moment include studies of marine intrusion as well as of transport of contaminantes. The results obtained in conditions controlled are useful to verify models of transport reactivate with speciation/saturation eat: PHREEQC (USGS), ACUAINTRUSION (Dpto. Chemical engineering Or.To.), IMPACT (LSGS, Nancy, France),…

In the group of investigation include some members of the group of Balance between phases like Vicente Gomis, Francisco Ruiz, Ricardo Pedraza, María Dolores Saquete and personal hired.

For more information: Dr. Nuria Boluda Botella

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