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Designation of Director of the University Institute of Chemical Process Engineering

According to the Statute of the University of Alicante, and having implemented the procedures provided for in this Statute, on 24th May 2021, the designation of professor Ignacio Martín Gullón as Director of the University Institute of Chemical Process Engineering was approved, being effective on 15th May

Graphene is just ready to use

The Applynano company has achieved more resistant plastics, which allow conducting electricity or dissipating heat.


The UA awards the ua awards: enterpreneur final degree, master and thesis projects that are committed to innovative business models

The University of Alicante has hosted the UA awards ceremony of entrepeneur for final degree projects (TFG), final master's degree projects (TFM) and doctoral theses that can be the basis of an innovative business project. In the TFG modality, “Veelu” has been awarded with 600 euros, a mobile application to plan group trips presented by Esther Navarro, graduated in Multimedia Engineering. The student of the Master in Biotechnology for Health and Sustainability Ángela María Díaz has been awarded, in the TFM modality with 900 euros, for her work focused on genetic diagnosis in assisted reproduction: the KIR / HLA-C system. Finally, the award for doctoral thesis, with a prize of 1,500 euros, was given to "Plastics recycling: new challenges in the age of the Circular Economy" by Oksana Horodytska, PhD in Chemical Engineering.

University of Alicante places 28 researchers among the most influential in the world according to Stanford University

The list of researchers from the University of Alicante that appear among the top 2% of the most cited in the world covers several areas of knowledge and is made up of the following scientists: Rodríguez-Reinoso, Francisco; Carmen Nájera; Miguel Yus; Fernando Maestre; Clavilier, J.; Linares-Solano, Ángel; Harry Marsch; Agustín Bueno López; Rafael Font; Molina-Azorin, José F. ; Juan José Tarí; Francisco Alonso; Diego Cazorla; J.M Feliu; Negueruela I.; Javier García; Diego J. Ramón; José A. Caballero; Enrique Herrero; David Piñero; Antonio Marcilla; Juan A. Conesa; Augusto Beléndez; José Solla Gullón; Emilia Morallón; Antonio Rodes; González-García, J.; Víctor Climent.

Elecciones miembros no natos IIPQ (PAS, personal investigador en formación y personal investigador no doctor vinculado a proyectos de investigación).

En consejo de instituto del día 5 de marzo de 2021, se ha aprobado el calendario electoral para la convocatoria de elecciones al claustro del consejo del instituto de aquellos colectivos con representante: el colectivo de PAS, el de personal investigador en formación y el de personal investigador no doctor vinculado a proyectos de investigación, con un representante cada uno. 

University of Alicante new TBF will produce nanoparticles from the olive industry waste

The University of Alicante has participated in the creation of Calpech, a new technology-based company (TBF), which has developed a method that makes the industrial manufacture of encapsulated iron nanoparticles from olive industry waste economically viable.

The University of Alicante adds two new technology-based companies

The first company is Fych Solutions, whose proposal is to reduce the amount of plastic that is sent to landfill by the use of innovative technology to recover materials that currently cannot be recycled, improve the quality of recycled plastic, increase its market and contribute to the circular economy.

The second company, Solublion, aims to put new biopolymeric materials on the market that can be used in the manufacture of new plastic products, with similar functionalities that conventional plastics, but with the added advantage of being biodegradable, compostable and water-soluble, decomposing spontaneously in ecosystems.

An investigation at the IUIPQ patents a system for breathing free air from Covid

A mask that purifies the air you breathe and also cleanses the air you breathe out. And the most important thing in these times, that it would avoid having to reduce the capacity indoors. This is what has patented the professor of the Chemical Process Engineering UI of the University of Alicante (UA) Antonio Marcilla.


IUIPQ researchers win the Impulso 2020 awards in its A modality

Two projects in which IUIPQ researchers participate have been awarded in the 9th edition of the Impulso Awards convened annually by the University of Alicante and the Alicante Science Park Foundation. The jury has selected the Solublion project by Daniel Domene López, Ignacio Martín Gullón, Juan Carlos García Quesada and Mercedes García Montalbán. In addition, it has been awarded Fych Technologies, promoted by Andrea Cabanes, Oksana Horodytska and Andrés Fullana. Congratulations to our colleagues (all of them IUIPQ researchers).  

The University of Alicante and UTE work together to improve the management of organic waste in the city

A research group of the University Institute of Chemical Process Engineering, led by the researcher Pedro Varó, will analyze the biodigestion processes produced in the CETRA biogas plant (waste management plant of Alicante). 

The research group will monitor the operation of the anaerobic digester, a large hermetic container where bacteria ferment organic waste in the absence of oxygen, producing methane gas from renewable source in the process.

The University of Alicante patents a technology for the elimination of odours in plastics recycled with water vapour

Researchers from the University of Alicante Research Group in Waste Management, Energy, the Environment and Nanotechnology (REMAN) have developed a technology for the elimination of odours in plastic materials recycled by steam distillation. This innovation increases the reuse of plastics from domestic and industrial waste as raw material for later use.

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University Institute of Chemical Process Engineering Handling Manual

This welcome manual, approved at on April 2, 2019, includes general aspects of the I.U. of Chemical Process Engineering and the University of Alicante and is based on specific resources on the UA's institutional website in its most general aspects

Professor Ignacio E. Grossmann, honorary doctorate from the University of

On January 28, 2019, for the commemorative acts of Santo Tomás de Aquino, Prof. Ignacio E. Grossmann will be proclamed as a honorary doctorate from the University of Alicante Chemical Engineering Department de Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, EE.UU.). (more information here)



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